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Christian Louboutin to be President of the Paris College of Art Class of 2013

Portrait of Christian Louboutin © Stephan Gladieu

Paris College of Art is extremely proud and honored to have Mr. Christian Louboutin as President of the class of 2013 and to kick-off this collaboration Mr. Louboutin met with the students in the final year and presented them with a challenge.

Mr. Louboutin gave the senior students a theme to inspire them in the creation of new work. In his introduction to the project, the subject of which will remain secret until the unveiling of the work in May at the annual End of the Year Show, Mr. Louboutin encouraged the students to not censor themselves when creating, to give their ideas room to grow, and to not be limited by technical issues. He described his own approach to design: like an artist, he does not concern himself with trends and what the client wants; he is only concerned with his own vision. The students were encouraged to work cross-departmentally (Communication Design, Design Management, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Illustration and Photography) reflecting the trans disciplinary nature of the PCA program as well as the reality of working on a professional team.

When Mr. Louboutin was asked what advice he would give to young people who want to get into this industry, he replied “Be true to yourself.

Donald Potard, Chair of Fashion Design of PCA, expressed his excitement about this project, “This experience is a unique opportunity for the students of Paris College of Art and promises to be dazzling.

To discover the work from this project, be sure to attend the Paris College of Art End of the Year show in May.

To download the Press Release, click here

Published: January 29th, 2013 6:01PM


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